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Challenging Our Beliefs For a Brighter Future

A podcast with your host, Maria Selting, and brilliant minds across the world who challenge the way we live and think in today's society.


All progress starts with the question why. 

Connecting the dots between society, science, philosophy, technology and progressive thought. Hosted by tech professional Maria Selting, with a mission to challenge how we think and live, so that we can learn, grow and improve.


Tune in to the Show 

Brilliant Minds Who Rethink Society

Join the conversation with changemakers who reimagine how we live, and dare to question what we take for granted.

People who endlessly keep asking the question why.

Marrying Science, Philosophy and Technology

Technology impacts our society at exponential speed. Philosophy can help to understand the ecosystem of ripple effects, sooner than later. Together, these themes have a symbiotic relationship.

Stepping Out of Our Own World

What happens when we challenge the thoughts and the environments we take for granted? By taking this modest approach, we can grow, learn and improve ourselves and our surroundings.



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"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing"

- Socrates