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Tech professional by day, philosopher by night

Unbox Your World is hosted by Swedish tech startup professional Maria Selting, who is on a mission to challenge our biased and subconscious beliefs.


With over 10 years in the tech industry and night-time studies in philosophy, she's arrived at one conclusion: all progress starts with questioning why.


Without challenging our belief systems and choices, we'll continue the same old path in society and in life. Sometimes we don't see what's around the corner before it is already there. Climate change, Covid-19, and Cambridge Analytica are just a few examples of what has stopped and changed our world in just the last few years. In an ever-changing world with technology developing at exponential speed, it is more important than ever to stay on top of change. Maria believes the cure starts with the question why?


She used to believe the safe job of the future was within software development, however now she believes it is not the only answer. Now she believes that what's going to build true future resilience is the ability to think critically and constantly adapt. This applies to businesses just as well as societies and individuals. In the tech world of today, we can understand that programming is a skill, but it could become redundant. Philosophy prepares us for what's around the corner, so we can learn the skills we need at each point in time.


The world is a complex place. We will never truly grasp it. Maria believes that if we keep asking ourselves why, we're one step closer to progress than yesterday. 


That's why she's bringing together unboxed minds across the world, who challenge the norms and our way of thinking one interview at a time to get one step closer to progress.


​Join the conversation. Let's unbox ourselves and the world we live in.

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